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Quality Control / Quality Assurance program


At Hollister Construction Company, a site specific QC Program is generated to meet the required project specifications and exceed the expectations of the client. At the onset of each Hollister project, a QC Supervisor will be assigned to monitor and follow the QC Program.


The objectives of our QC Program are as follows:


  • To ensure that all work strictly adheres to the project requirements of the contract and governing agencies where the work is being performed
  • To prevent deficiencies through pre-construction quality control coordination.
  • To detect and correct deficiencies in a timely manner
  • To provide an auditable record of all tests, inspections, procedures, non-compliance and corrections, and any other pertinent data as required
  • Verify compliance with subcontractor's QC procedures including those of suppliers


To accomplish our objectives, we have adopted the US Army Corps of Engineers "Three phases of control system", whether it's a project requirement or not. This system is proven to be one that eliminates non-conforming work and a lack of preparedness.


Phase I - The Preparatory Phase


The Preparatory Phase is conducted and documented for each (DFOW) "Definable feature of work." For each DFOW, a specific work plan will be generated and followed to maintain safety and the Critical Path Master Schedule. Prior to commencement of a DFOW, a preparatory meeting will be conducted to review in-depth" the construction drawings, project specifications, approved submittals, test requirements, inspection requirements and safety requirements. The Preparatory Phase is a valuable tool used to eliminate misunderstandings BEFORE the start of any task which may lead to non-conforming work or schedule delays.


Phase II - The Initial Phase


The Initial Phase is conducted and documented onsite immediately prior to commencement of any (DFOW) in the effort to refresh our subcontractors with the details of the plan in hand. Testing, inspection and safety requirements will be reviewed at this time.


Phase III - The follow-up Phase


The Follow-up Phase is conducted and documented in the effort to visually inspect and determine if the work performed for each (DFOW) was completed per the specifications, local building codes and contract requirements.


In addition to the (USACE) "Three phases of control system", we have implemented a 24/7 "Three points of contact system" Each project will be assigned an Executive Sponsort, a Project Manager and a Superintendent who can be contacted by cellular phone for any reason, at any time. We believe communication and responsiveness is the key to our success.



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